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The Lords of Salem

Rob Zombie's latest film project is The Lords of Salem, which started shooting in October of 2011 and should be out later in 2012. The story revolves around a coven of ancient witches coming to visit Salem, Massachusetts, scene of the infamous Salem Witch Trials of 1692. The witches are released when a Salem radio DJ plays a cursed record on the air.

Rob Zombie will direct the film, which stars several of Zombie's favorite actors, including B-movie legend Sid Haig and Rob Zombie's wife, Sheri Moon Zombie (who plays the DJ). The cast contains several horror greats from earlier years, such as Udo Kier and Ken Foree. Udo Kier is famous for such 70s horror classics as Andy Warhol's Frankenstein and Andy Warhol's Dracula (AKA Flesh for Frankenstein and Blood for Dracula, respectively). Ken Foree starred in the original Dawn of the Dead, but he was also in Rob Zombie's 2005 classic, The Devil's Rejects.

The Lords of Salem from Rob ZombieI'm particularly thrilled to see actors like Clint Howard, Maria Conchita Alonso, and Billy Drago receive roles. Maria Conchita Alonso and Billy Dragon were both in the cast of the 2007 Wilmer Valderrama horror vehicle, El Muerto, based on El Muerto: The Aztec Zombie comic book by Javier Hernandez, though I still think of Billy Drago in the role of assassin Frank Nitti in The Untouchables.

Haunted Films - Paranormal Activity Productions

Since The Lords of Salem is only the third movie produced by Haunted Films (Paranormal Activity, Insidious), Rob Zombie was given total creative freedom for this project. Even though Rob Zombie proved he could make blockbusters with his Halloween remake and its sequel, we've never seen him get this kind of freedom for a live-action film. This is so much better than if Rob Zombie had gone through with plans to film The Blob, which probably would have forced him to give away some creative control.

The Lords of Salem Spoilers

It's not a real spoiler, but if you like rolling into a movie theater with little clue of how the plots going to develop, skip down to "The Lords of Salem Extended Teaser Video". This movie not only should contain enough gore and horror for the splatter people, Rob Zombie should know the subject matter pretty well. From what I've read of plot of The Lords of Salem, much of the storyline focuses on the buildup to the arrival of the band behind the hit new song played on the radio. Of course, the band doesn't exist, because they're a coven of 300-year old witches that were brutally tortured and executed by the people of Salem. Payback is best served cold, bitches.

The Lords of Salem and American Music

Because The Lords of Salem plotline involves the hype around a concert, I bet Rob Zombie will have something to say about his years in the rock industry. I could be wrong, but I'm expecting some sideways glances at the industrial rock scene.

Rob Zombie's The Lords Of Salem (2012) Extended Teaser Video

If you want to see a teaser video about Rob Zombie's The Lords of Salem, take a look at this Youtube video. This isn't a trailer, but it contains plot information and quotes from Fangoria about what to expect.

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