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Rob Zombie's Halloween 2

Halloween 2 is scheduled to hit theaters on August 29. Get ready. And let's pray it's better than the first one.

Rob Zombie’s Halloween 2: The Remake Of A Classic Sequel

You don’t have to be a big fan of horror movies to know who Rob Zombie is or to appreciate his dedication to his work. His directorial debut House of a Thousand Corpses was an instant cult classic and the sequel, The Devil’s Rejects, was another fan fave. But it was his remake of the John Carpenter classic film Halloween that was his biggest financial success as a filmmaker.

In Rob Zombie’s retelling of the original story, Zombie went deeper into the psychology of what drove Michael Myers to kill. It showed scenes of a young Michael Myers and the beginnings of his delusional personality.

These scenes developed the killer Myers into a more three-dimensional character. The movie even showed how Myer’s creepy mask-fixation got started. Despite some mixed critical reviews, it was a hit with most horror fans. So it is no wonder that Rob Zombie has returned to remake Halloween 2.

Rob Zombie’s Halloween 2 theme follows the original premise of the original film in which a seemingly unstoppable masked killer terrorizes a group of victims. It is more than just a continuation of killing innocent teenagers. It is a further understanding in the mind of a serial killer.

Rob Zombie Halloween Sequel

Rob Zombie had previously stated that he had no interest in doing a sequel to his remake of the first Halloween. Filming the first movie had been exhausting. He wanted to portray his own vision while at the same time staying true to the source material.

After Rob Zombie’s first Halloween was released, he said he would not make a sequel. But in December 2008, it was announced that Zombie would be back for a second round.

As in the first film, Rob Zombie’s Halloween Two will focus on more than just a masked killer running amok. Zombie wants to delve into the psychological connection between the villain, Michael Myers, and the heroine, his younger sister Laurie Strode.

Production for the film, also known as Rob Zombie Halloween Part 2, began on February 23, 2009, in Atlanta, Georgia. New York was first considered, but because of the heavy winter snows, an alternate location was found.

Zombie has stated that the new film is realistic and violent. He wanted to move away from the established Halloween franchise and create something new.

Because of his desire to tell his own tale, some devoted fans of the Carpenter original were not pleased with Zombie’s remake of the first film. It seems that by making the film his own, he got too far from the theme of the first Halloween which was a mindless killer running around and murdering people.

The criticism was that that it is impossible to remake such a classic film as John Carpenter’s original and that Zombie did not even come close to paying it homage.

As soon as the information became available, Rob Zombie Halloween 2 news became available at websites such as iMDB. These sites posted production notes such as the cast, plot, and the Halloween 2 release date.

Rob Zombie Halloween 2 Interviews

In an interview at the recent San Diego ComicCon with, Rob Zombie stated that in the first Halloween movie, he was under a lot of pressure to remain faithful to the John Carpenter original.

But in the second movie he was free to pursue his own version. All of the surviving characters have been traumatized from the first film and are still dealing with the events from the first movie. They have all come out of it much darker and thus, much more interesting. He states that even though he admires John Carpenter, he didn’t find the original characters interesting enough.

Another Rob Zombie Halloween 2 interview was with the cable show G4. He discusses how quickly the movie had been produced and that his remake of the first Halloween was shot on standard 35mm film. The finished look was too clean for Zombie. So when it came to the sequel, Zombie shot on Super16mm which gave the film a grittier cinematic look.

In a Rob Zombie interview with, Rob Zombie discusses the larger role of Sheriff Brackett, played by Brad Dourif. The Sheriff in the second movie is older and more worn out. But Zombie has hinted the movie has a secret surprise hero of sorts so many fans wonder if it will be the Sheriff. As the caretaker of the two surviving girls from the first film, Laurie Strode and Annie Bracket, Sheriff Beckett may be the one who saves the day.

Rob Zombie Halloween 2 Plot

Little is known about the plot for the new Halloween 2 movie. There are some websites that have Rob Zombie Halloween 2 spoilers if you just can’t wait to see it in the theater.

But just because it is on the internet doesn’t mean it is reliable.

Rob Zombie claims the plot promises to be different from the original Halloween 2 which was released in 1981. Instead of just more mindless chasing, the story revolves around the relationship between Laurie and Michael Myers. Laurie Strode experiences her own dark moods and bi-polar moments. At the beginning of the film, she is unaware that she is the sister of Michael Myers but it becomes apparent that she has inherited some of the same psychological problems.

Michael Myers psychological problems manifest themselves internally in his actions. As the movie progresses, the changes in Laurie will be more external than internal. Her appearance will change as she dresses in darker clothing, taking on a more gothic or grunge look. Zombie has stated that Laurie and Michael are not that different from one another but that their insanity is displayed in different ways.

Michael Myers will also go through some changes of his own. He will be sporting a new mask which is a reflection of new emotions within him. The mask is more broken and cracked than the original smooth mask. Myers also seems larger and heavier than in the last film.

You can pretty much assume that by now Laurie has made new friends who will end up as notches on the hilt of Myer’s knife. The movie will conclude with a big showdown between Laurie and her masked brother. But since this is a Rob Zombie movie, the ending is hard to predict. The film has been screened by tests audiences so some plot points that have been posted may be altered for the film’s actual release.

Rob Zombie Halloween 2 Screenplay

The Halloween 2 screenplay was first developed by French writers Alexandre Bustillo and Julien Maury, the same writers who created the script for the movie Inside. They were to co-direct the film.

But when the two left the project, Rob Zombie was convinced to come back as director. Zombie then wrote the actual script that was used in the movie.

Rob Zombie Halloween 2 Cast

Much of the same cast is returning for the new Rob Zombie Halloween 2 film.

Tyler Mane is returning as Michael Myers. Tyler Mane got his start in wrestling but eventually moved into acting with films such as Troy, The Devil’s Rejects, and The Scorpion King. He is best known for his role as the villain Sabretooth in the film X-Men.

Malcolm McDowell reprises his role as Dr. Loomis. Malcolm McDowell is a world-renowned actor who has been in numerous films throughout his thirty-plus year career. His first breakout role was in the Stanley Kubrick cult classic A Clockwork Orange. An actor who is easily recognized, he has also appeared in movies like Entourage, Star Trek Generations, Tank Girl, Doomsday, The Company, and the television show Heroes.

Scout Taylor-Compton will be back as Laurie Strode. It is fitting that Taylor-Compton has this role because she has stated that she is a fan of horror films and enjoys classic slashers with characters such as Michael Myers, Jason from the Friday the 13th series, and the killer doll Chucky. Besides her portrayal of Laurie Strode, Taylor-Compton has also been in movies such as Obsessed with Beyonce Knowles and Ali Larter. She also has a role in the soon-to-be-released film Love Ranch opposite Helen Mirren and Joe Pesci.

Also returning are Danielle Harris as Annie Brackett and Brad Dourif as Sheriff Brackett. Danielle Harris started out as a child actor but moved on to more adult and contemporary roles. Brad Dourif is a fluid actor, able to take on a wide range of challenging roles in movies such as Mississippi Burning, Dune, and The Lord of the Rings trilogy.

Sheri Moon Zombie also makes an appearance in a couple of scenes as Michael Myers’ mother, Deborah Myers. The scenes are said to be flashbacks or visions that are shared between the characters Laurie Strode and Michael Myers.

Since some of the cast died in the first film, there are a few newcomers for the new film. Ezra Buzzington, Jeffrey Daniels Phillips, and Mark Christopher Lawrence. One can assume that these new actors will comprise Michael Myer’s latest victims.

Daeg Faerch will not be returning to reprise his role as a young Michael Myers due to being too old and too big for the part. Zombie had wanted to use him again but the time between the first Halloween and its sequel proved to be too long. So the role of the younger Myers had to be recast.

Rob Zombie has a habit of casting some of his idols from his younger days. In his latest flick, Weird Al Yankovich makes an appearance as a talk show host.

Rob Zombie Halloween 2 Michael Myers

Michael Myers is to movie killers what Elvis is to rock and roll. He was one of the first of a long line of Hollywood’s murdering psychopaths and he is the king of slasher films. His mask is so unemotional that it dehumanizes him and stresses that he is emotionally unaffected by his horrific actions.

In the Rob Zombie Halloween 2 remake, the actor Tyler Mane put on more weight to play the masked killer. Zombie wanted to change him up so that he did not look the same as in the first film and other Halloween franchise movies. In Zombie’s vision, Myers is not just a mindless killer whose motives are unexplained. The new Michael Myers views the world in a completely unrealistic way which makes his actions totally insane. Zombie compares Myers to a bull in a china shop. One minute the hulking killer is calm but in the next moment he snaps in brutal violence.

Despite rumors to the contrary, Michael Myers does not speak in this new film. Film footage was released showing a helicopter hovering over the masked killer and Myers shouting unintelligible words are the flying vessel. But Rob Zombie has declared that Myers does not talk in this film and that he took out any dialogue the killer might have.

Rob Zombie Halloween 2 Trailer

A couple of trailers have beenreleased for Halloween 2. They have been posted all over the web and show scenes such as Dr. Loomis claiming Michael Myers is dead to the classic attack at the hospital. Other scenes show one character going to the medicine cabinet and when she closes it, we see Myers in the mirror. Even though that type of scene has been done before, it is still creepy.

Rob Zombie Halloween 2 Release Date

The release date for the new sequel is August 28, 2009. One would think that the movie would naturally open at Halloween or even during the month of October. Instead, it opens a full two months, right at the end of the summer movies.

Rob Zombie Halloween 2 Soundtrack

The soundtrack for Rob Zombie’s Halloween 2 will feature music by Captain Clegg and The Night Creatures. They perform the songs “Transylvania Terror Train” and ‘Honky Tonk Halloween”. This is the same band that also did music for Zombie’s previous film The Devil’s Rejects. The album features other music by the band John 5 and a cover to Nazareth’s “Love Hurts” performed by Nan Vernon. In addition, the cd contains the Moody Blues “Nights in White Satin”, Rod Stewart’s “I Know I am Losing You”, Foghat’s “I Just Want To Make Love To You”, and MC5’s “Kick Out The Jams”. The cd will be released on August 25, 2009, a few days before the movie’s release.

Another album by the band Captain Clegg and the Night Creatures, whose music has been branded as a psychobilly, will be released in conjunction with the official soundtrack. The Captain Clegg album will be released August 28, 2009.

Official Rob Zombie Halloween 2 Website

The official website for Rob Zombie’s Halloween 2 starts out with the latest trailer. The site also contains information such as news, cast information, media, downloads, and stills gallery. The cast page is set up like patient files with a folder and a paperclip. Sound bites from the movie’s creepy soundtrack play in the background.

Halloween 2 DVD’s And Blu Ray

At this time, there has been no news of a Rob Zombie Halloween 2 Blue Ray or DVD release. With the movie just coming out, that information probably will not be released until the movie exits the theaters or is in its final week.

What About Rob Zombie’s Halloween 3?

In an interview with Rob Zombie at, they asked him whether there will be a Halloween 3. Zombie claimed that even the producers did not want a third sequel. He himself felt that two movies told a complete story and that he was not interested in being involved with any more of the Halloween franchise.

As for Zombie’s reasons for not being involved in another sequel, he is close-mouthed about why. He has refused to give the specific reason in any interviews. He obviously has a secret and it must not be a good one to put him off from the lucrative franchise. But working in Hollywood can be difficult and can test the mettle of even the most dedicated filmmakers.

But keep in mind that Zombie also said he wouldn't direct a sequel to Halloween either.

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